Go.. to.. sleep.. Spencer! Something I often find myself saying. However, not so much recently… until tonight! 

If you’ve read my recent posts you will know he’s been quite poorly lately and so we’ve cut him some slack (in other words got into some bad habits!). 

Rewind a month ago and Spencer was finally going off to sleep easily and staying asleep until morning. It was something I never thought I’d see happen and it was amazing!!

Then come the illness. Poor Spencer was throwing up or having extremely explosive nappies all through the night so we did lots of trying to soothe him after these episodes with a bottle – oh how he finds such comfort in his bottle!

Last night I finally thought I could see some light at the end of the tunnel! For the first time in a good 2 weeks Spencer managed to sleep 7-4 with no bad wake ups!! Finally I thought he was on the mend and I can now tackle the bad habit of needing a bottle to go to sleep. Here come the full nights sleeps again!

How wrong was I!? Currently it is 3am and I have been out of bed with Spencer since 1am. I also had to go in for half hour at half 9 before this. In this past 2 hours I have changed Spencer’s pjs and bed sheets twice, washed and sterilised more bottles as he’s now had 3 since bedtime!! Done lots of shushing and rocking and cuddling and even attempted to let him get into bed with me! Currently I have managed to get him lying in his bed feeding himself a bottle which usually drifts him off to sleep (bad habit alert!!) but, judging from the talking I can hear over the monitor that isn’t going to happen this time!!

How frustrating is it when we just get into good sleeping habits then along strike illnesses or teething or something to take us back to square one again!! I am used to no sleep now and am hugely grateful if I manage 3 solid hours but I feel for my poor little Spencer who needs the sleep so much!! I wish I had a magic cure I really do!! 

4.30am and he is finally back asleep but in bed with me!! We’ve had lots and lots of screaming and tears the past hour so he should hopefully get a few hours sleep in now!!! (Hopefully) ….. 

He slept until 6.30am now were up playing and dancing as if he’s slept all night!!! As for me, my Fitbit is fuming with me for only having 3.5 hours sleep! Pass me the large coffee!!!!

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