Spencer is 1!…

I can’t believe yesterday we celebrated Spencer’s first birthday. I know everyone says it but really.. how has it been a year!! 

From the minute I woke up I felt emotional. This wave of all kind of emotions just crippled through me. I actually wanted to just cry!! Sad tears that my little baby boy is growing up so quickly and I no longer have a ‘baby’, but also happy/relieved tears that I no longer have a ‘baby’. I felt a real sense of achievement that that’s it! I made it through baby stage and have come out the crazy sleep deprived what am I doing tunnel in one piece. Along with my sad, happy, relieved emotions I also felt proud. Oh so proud of the little boy my baby is turning out to be. I absolutely adore his cheeky mischievous personality (although sometimes it drives me crazy!). 

I love how I can see likes and dislikes appearing.. how he still hates broccoli and has from day 1 of weaning or how much he loves his cars and music. Although he isn’t walking yet, he will still cruise around everywhere and stand up for a good dance to any music he may hear! I love how vocal he is and will happily natter on in his own little language or scream and shout with excitement at things. All in all I just love how happy he is (most of the time) and so long as he’s happy I am happy!!

Spencer is known by so many as ‘baby Spencer’ rarely does he get called Spencer it’s ‘baby Spencer’ and this is something I will cling on too! I can’t quite get my head around the fact that I will now refer to my son in years and not months. For the time being while I get my head around this Baby Spencer is 12 months old not 1 year!!

…how we celebrated Spencer’s birthday coming soon in part 2 of this blog

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