Spencer’s birthday – part 2…

After spending the morning getting my head around the fact my baby is now 1 years old, we celebrated Spencer’s birthday at the farm. This was birthday celebration number 1 out of 3!

We visited Bucklebury farm and it was a lovely farm at that! Upon arrival I immediately regretted my choice of footwear (my new Nike trainers) and kicked myself for being so blonde to wear them at a farm during winter!! Anyway, we bought some animal feed and took Spencer to see the goats/cows/pigs/llamas and donkeys. He loved all the animals and just wanted to get in with them! He isn’t afraid of animals at all and loved throwing food into them and trying to grab their fur like he does the dogs at home!! 

We then did the ‘pat a pet’ event. Spencer especially loved stroking the giant rabbit!

We then let Spencer play in the park before some lunch. He’s really grown to love parks recently especially swings!!

After lunch there was an indoor play area so we had lots of fun in there before leaving to go home! 

Once we got home Spencer opened his presents from Nanny. Unfortunately Daddy had to work during the day so we had a lovely day at the farm with Nanny and Auntie Nicole. After present opening we did the cake! Spencer loved the cake which fitted in with the farm theme perfectly! It was a sheep.. Spencer adores his Ewan the sheep! After such a lovely birthday full of fun Spencer slept like a dream that night! 

The 2nd birthday celebration was at Jungle Mania soft play. Spencer LOVES it here, I’m sure he would stay all day if I let him!! Fortunately Spencer has a lovely handful of friends. Although these friends are older he still enjoys being around them and trying to keep up with them. He really enjoyed our time here playing and having lunch together. 

The 3rd and final celebration was with all the family. As Spencer’s birthday was on a Wednesday most people had work and couldn’t get a chance to see him. Therefore, I invited all the family over for some food and prosecco to celebrate our little boys first birthday. We are so lucky to have such a lovely supportive family who absolutely adore every bone in Spencer’s body! It was a lovely afternoon to have everyone together celebrating. 

Spencer really did have the best first birthday and as I expected he was thoroughly spoilt!! Not only spoilt with gifts but with love. The last week really has been an eye opener to just how many people Spencer has in his life all who love him to pieces! To me, that is the most precious perfect gift of all.

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