My #2poundchallenge

How much do you think you spend a day feeding yourself and your family? I am hugely embarrassed to admit I am a slight food snob and spend far too much on food. Although I do try, (not as much as I should!) I never usually get our weekly food shop below £80 a week – sometimes more! This is for the 3 of us. 

So when I was sent the #2poundchallenge from and Zamcog I knew I had to accept! 

Did you know it costs £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia every day? Just £2!! have teamed up with Zamcog to challenge a team of bloggers to take part in the #2poundchallenge. Zamcog is a UK based charity that is dedicated to helping feed and educate Zambias most at risk children. The challenge was simple feed your family for just one day on £2 each. The best part about this challenge is for every blog post published voucherbox will donate £50 to Zamcog.

So with all this in mind, it was time to get planning and shopping! Usually I get my food shop from Ocado with the odd bits in the week from Waitrose. I know some bloggers changed which store they shop at for this challenge. However, I really wanted to try and stick with Ocado to prove to myself I could carry on shopping where I liked and still save. 

Here is our menu plus a snapshot of my basket on Ocado to prove we stuck to budget!


Butter on toast


Ham & cucumber sandwich


Tomatoey pasta (pasta, garlic, 2 tins tomatoes, mixed veg & left over ham)


Tinned peaches

Note: I did use some butter on the toast and in the sandwiches however such a slither were talking pennies. I had 76p to spare so more than covered the butter used.

Although these aren’t the most exciting meals in the world they were still, in my opinion, more than fine with us. Obviously, this covers the 3 meals a day only. I must admit,

I did miss my sweet treats and snacks! Spencer had a bowl of the veg during the day as a snack and I had a piece of toast.
Please see my shopping cart below:

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