Spencer is back!!…

It’s been a crazy few months with illnesses in our household! It seems Spencer has just caught one thing after another after another. Starting with tonsillitis, a cold, rota virus, another cold and most recently horrible conjunctivitis… with yet again, another cold!!

Poor boy isn’t even in a nursery yet!! I do take Spencer to various classes and soft plays which are never the cleanest places in the world!! 

Thankfully, day 3 of antibiotics now after the doctor was worried about Spencer’s eye and we seem to have our cheeky little boy back. Spencer had such bad conjunctivitis which turned into some kind of infection and only had half a working eye by the end!!

Thankfully the meds are all kicking in and my boy is back!!! 

I had forgotten how much of a character he was with all these illnesses appearing. It’s as if the meds contain all E numbers with how hyper he has been!! Spencer really is turning into the most mischievous cheeky little character. I can’t quite believe just how grown up he is acting now. Iv listed a long update of just how much he really is developing.

General day to day:

He communicates so well even though he can’t actually speak. He will point at anything he wants, he knows what drink is and when he wants one, he does the actions to itsy witsy spider and Humpty Dumpty, he sings the first line of row row row your boat so clearly and screams when it gets to the crocodile part. He’s climbing on everything with no fear at all!! He points at our pet dog Archie and says “chee”, he’s FOREVER dancing and always wants music playing in the background. 


He’s starting to stand unaided more and more now and even took some steps just the other day! He takes your hand and walks you wherever he wants to go. He gets up and down the stairs in seconds!! (Probably not a good thing) 

He currently weighs 20lb 4, he’s 74cm tall and he has 8 teeth.


Finally after such crazy sleep battles he sleeps through the night most nights now, minus the odd hiccup. He usually naps for around 45mins in the morning and anything from half hour – an hour and a half at lunchtime.

Eating and drinking:

He’s eating really well although he is becoming a little fussy recently!! All formula has now gone and he’s just on cows milk and water. He has a milk bottle when he wakes up, at lunchtime and bedtime. 

Spencer also seems to be having terrible two stages already. This little boy may look nice and innocent but wow can he throw a strop!! He has an absolute tantrum if he’s told no, moved away from somewhere he shouldn’t be or has something taken off him. He really does launch himself on the floor and scream!

So there you have it, an overall look on how far Spencer has come and I’m sure within a month there will be so many more updates again!!

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