One last week…

So I have really been slacking on the blogging front recently. If you read my previous blog it was all about how we finally had Spencer back after a few horrid months of illnesses and god knows what! If I’m honest, I have been fully enjoying the past 6 weeks of a happy healthy Spencer and kind of forgot about everything else!

I guess I wanted to fully enjoy this time with Spencer not only because he’s been full of beans and growing by the second! But also today marks the day of my last full week with Spencer 24/7! 

A week today I start my new job. Back to work after having 15 months off!! Argh!! Yes I have done some temp invigilator stuff and helped my sister out in her groomers, but nothing structured or permanent. 

I am so so grateful for being lucky enough to really enjoy Spencer’s first year with him and so glad I got to see so many ‘firsts’ without missing anything! 

Now time for my new chapter, losing my “SAHM” (stay at home Mum) title and gaining my working Mum title! – Even though it is still just part time for now! I am so excited to have a little adult time back. I am also so so so nervous and apprehensive about losing my constant Mummy & Spencer time too! I worry what if he hates me for leaving him! What if he loses all his routine and hates that! Am I going to miss him too much and not have my head in the game fully!? I guess these are all natural feelings Mums have once returning to work and I am sure once I am settled Spencer will be too and we will love our new way of living 😬 Thankfully, I am returning to work doing the job I so really wanted and therefore truly am hugely excited to get started and stuck in! I just know it is the right job for me!! 

In the meantime, I am off now to pack in as much fun and cuddles as I possibly can this last full week with Spencer!

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